Custom product labels that meet provincial & industry requirements

Stock, pre-printed, and custom product labels.
Label options that can
withstand humidity.
Choose from a broad variety
of adhesive types.

Personalized custom product labels that meet your unique design requirements

At West Coast Labels Ltd., we understand how competitive the market can be and how having a unique design on a customized label can make all the difference when it comes to setting your business apart from the competition. That is why our team of in-house designers will work closely with you to create the ideal custom labels for your brand in the exact size and label material you need, while still adhering to all provincial and industry design requirements. All of our custom labels, including custom food labels and custom bottle labels, can be created to withstand moisture and humidity, as well as with one of our many different adhesives that are formulated for a broad range of temperatures to ensure that your custom product label stands up in all environments.
Selection of custom product labels

  • Custom printed labels
  • Warehousing and data processing labels
  • Security and tamper evident labels
  • General and industrial label printing
  • Blueberry and farm labels
  • Craft beer labels
  • Liquor and wine labels
  • Custom label for food products
  • Pre-printed blank (logo) labels
  • Hospital and pharmacy labels
  • Snack labels
  • Meat labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Lumber labels
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Paper and plastic tags

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No matter what type of label you are looking to create, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your exact design needs are being met.

West Coast Labels Ltd. offers a wide selection of different types of paper stock and adhesives, making it easy to find the ideal label solutions for your unique product. Our team also uses the best techniques and technology to create labels that are sure to help your products stand out from the crowd.


Knowledgeable sales associates to advise you on the best options to meet your needs.
Graphic designers to turn your vision into a finished, high-impact product.
Press operators with more than 30 years of experience.
Production coordinators to get your order completed and delivered as quickly as possible.
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