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Are Clear Labels the Right Choice for Your Products?

Labels | February 10 2022

When it comes to food and beverage labels, cosmetic labels, or pharmaceutical labels, it can be difficult to determine what direction you should go in terms of design and the materials used. While conventional paper labels are a proven option for many types of products, clear labels have become an increasingly popular option for various goods in recent years. As a leading provider of high-quality custom labels for various industries and products, West Coast Labels knows how important it is to choose the right material and design. That is why we have compiled some information to help you determine if clear labels are the right choice for your products and branding.

Learn about some tips for designing and food and beverage label.

What are Clear Labels?

Clear custom labels are product labels printed on transparent plastic film. They can be printed with a matte or gloss finish to match the surface of your packaging or the appearance of your product. With clear custom labels, logos, text, and images appear to be printed directly onto the product packaging. Clear labels are commonly used on glass or clear plastic packaging.

The Benefits of Clear Labels

Clear labels offer the following benefits for food products, beverages, cosmetics, and many other items:

Transparent Advertising

Choosing a clear label for your products is a great way to say “we have nothing to hide” when it comes to your ingredients or production methods. This transparent approach to advertising is great for modern consumers who actively look for organic food products, natural cosmetics, and other goods that are derived from natural ingredients. A clear label will also let the your product show through the packaging, giving customers the feeling that they know exactly what they are purchasing.

Great for Any Colour or Packaging

Contrasting or clashing colours can be a serious challenge when it comes to designing a custom label. With a clear label, you only need to worry about the colour of your logo, text, and images (should you choose to include them).  In most cases, you can use black or white text and images to adorn your label, allowing you to show your products off while still having all the information a customer may need available at a glance.

Lasting Durability and Appeal

High-quality clear labels are a durable and appealing option that creates a lasting minimalist look for your products. Unlike some paper labels, clear labels are waterproof and offer superior resistance to moisture. This ensures that the label remains clear and easy to read even if it is placed in a harsh environment or on products that are prone to moisture buildup.

To learn more about clear labels or to inquire about our label printing solutions, get in touch with the experts at West Coast Labels. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

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