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Industries that use Custom Labels

Labels | June 10 2021

Regardless of the industry, your products need to stand apart from the competition. Whether you are working in food, medicine, cosmetics, or beverages, there are many industries that use custom labels. The right label can instantly increase the appeal of your products and make them stand above the rest. That is why West Coast Labels is proud to provide a leading selection of long-lasting labels for all types of products and packaging. Whether you need custom product labels or food and beverage labels, our team can provide quality labels that leave a lasting positive impression on customers.

What Industries use Custom Labels?

The following industries can utilize custom labels to enhance their products:


The food industry is one of the most popular settings for custom labels as they can be effectively used on any type of packaging. Whether your products are shipped in a paper bag, plastic bag, Styrofoam carton, or a glass jar, a custom label is the perfect fit. Creative artwork or a clean label with your logo can make your products easy to identify and stand out on any shelf. In addition to branding, custom labels can be used to identify flavours, display nutritional information, and outline a list of ingredients.


Whether your business produces craft beer, high-quality wine, or soda, custom labels can be as unique as the beverages you make. Clever use of colour and art can allow you to create a defined image for your brand and make your products instantly identifiable on a shelf or in a cooler. Similar labels with different colours can also be a way to differentiate between types of beer or soda, allowing you to use one design as a base for every product you offer.


If you need a way to accurately and effectively label pharmaceutical products, custom and thermal labels are a great option. Each label can stand up to thermal differentiation and other forms of damage, ensuring that all text remains easy to read. Custom labels can be used for prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, and medicines to clearly identify their contents and help them stand apart from other products.


From skin care products to makeup, custom labels can promote the unique composition of your products. Every custom label solution we provide is designed to ensure consistent colour, lasting durability, and quality definition for all text on the label. This results in a high-quality label to reflect the quality of your cosmetic products, leaving a lasting positive impression on buyers.

To learn more about custom labels and how they can enhance the appeal of your products, get in touch with the team at West Coast Labels. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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