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Tips for Designing Cosmetic Labels

Labels | December 23 2021

When individuals are shopping for cosmetic products, the design and contents of the label significantly impact their final purchasing decision. While a well-designed custom product label may entice customers to consider your product, you will need to sell them on it as well. Shoppers will pick up multiple products, read the contents of the label, and use this information to determine if the product is worth their time and money. To help your products stand out on the shelf, the experts at West Coast Labels have provided some tips for designing cosmetic labels that are perfect for your brand and your products.

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4 Tips to Design Effective Labels for Your Cosmetic Products

To ensure optimal appeal and brand recognition for your cosmetic products, consider the following tips:

1. Create a Consistent Brand Identity

Consistent and cohesive brand identity is crucial for cosmetic products. A consistent design and brand identity will make it easy for customers to identify your products and purchase them again. All cosmetic labels should include your company name, logo, slogan, colour scheme, and fonts to present your personality to shoppers. This strong presentation can also increase a buyer’s connection with your brand, encouraging them to try your other products. Consistent label designs can also be scaled up or down in size based on the size of your products, saving you time without compromising quality or consistency.

2. Always Follow Federal Label Guidelines

While design and written content are fun elements for custom labels, you must also ensure that your labels adhere to all relevant guidelines, standards, and laws. Be sure to include a complete description of your product with an accurate ingredient list. The total amount of product, your business name and contact information, and the name of the manufacturing facility must also be included in most cases.

3. Consider Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial for any company regardless of the products they produce. Knowing whether your target audience reacts better to minimalist designs or loud and bold designs can be the difference between great sales or lost revenue. Do not be afraid to make revisions to your labels based on customer feedback or trends in sales as these revisions can be crucial for growing your brand.

4. Select a Key Focal Point to Attract Interest

As you create your label design, consider what element will act as your key focal point. You could use an attractive image, a series of shapes, or your product name in bold lettering. This focal point is crucial for catching the attention of customers and building your brand identity.

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